About us

Tadbir future development and investment company  (SATA), as a private enterprise, has been established to contribute and facilitate international trade between Iranians and other countries. Our main activities are Investment consultancy and International marketing for Iranians to oversees and for foreigners to Iran.

We have chosen network structure, as the basis of the company structure framework, to achieve vast influence concurrent with high agility in the services. Our network consists of individual and corporate strategic partners, high experienced and talent experts, relevant institutes as potential supply chain.


CEO Message

Nowadays, the world needs more connection to cope with global threats. Cultural, economic, social and political collaboration are unavoidable to make better life and each nation and even individuals have to follow their own role and accept others’ benefits. We believe that economic ties between nations can improve other aspects of collaboration. So, based on our expertise we choose to reinforce economical and business interaction between Iran and other countries as our mission. Iran, as an emerging market,  and due to vast access to the strategic natural resources, educated youth population and human resources, strategic geographical and geopolitical location, is unavoidable opportunity for the region and even wider for global economy. We establish a network of necessary expertise, awareness, influencers and supporters to develop our business interactions by reducing the actors’ risks and increasing their profits. We believe that our main benefit will be a portion of our clients’ benefits.