Investment consultancy

Whom we can support

  • Fields of activity

The area of our attention are capital projects such as Power, water, roads, Buildings, Oil & gas projects, Manufacturing such as power plants, electricity equipment factories, refineries … and acquisition of existed businesses.

  • Potential clients
    • Investors/Financer

We can provide clear insight about opportunities and threats, productive administration services, and project supervision for foreign investors/financers who look forward new horizons of benefit in Iran.

  • Business developers

For foreign developers, we will facilitate establishment processes and provide local project management services and also we can act as local partner.

For local developers, we will find financers/investors and provide comprehensive project management services.

  • Investees

Related to the fields of our activity, we will find financers/investors and facilitating effective international connections.


How we can support

  • Providing reliable insight

Relying on local access to a vast network and information, our experienced analyzers provide tailor made analysis in bankable and standard formats.

  • Preliminary feasibility study
  • Feasibility study
  • Economic/financial study
  • Business Valuation


  • Development support

SATA Company relying on experienced and effective networks will reinforce developers in establishment processes. In the capital project we will deliver flexible project management services from Managing of the contract to project execution facilitating based on customers’ requirements.

  • Business establishment consultancy
  • Project execution facilitating
  • Project comprehensive management
  • Managing of contract
  • Matching investors and Investees
  1. Since emerging markets poses meaningful fields of high return investment, ambiguity acts as powerful barrier to the significant benefits. We will investigate potential risks and benefits for nominated investors and investees to make the best matching.
    • Finding and matching reliable case of investment
    • Finding and matching investors