International marketing

Whom we can support

  • Fields of activity

The area of our attention are international marketing consultancy for Iranian contractors and engineering companies to participate in other countries capital projects such as Power, water, roads, Buildings, Oil & gas projects and Iranian industrial equipment producer who target to export their productions.

  • Potential clients
    • Iranian Contractors/ engineering companies
    • Local agents in target markets
    • Iranian industrial equipment producer


How we can support

  • Market study

Sustainable export to a country in a business required wide and reliable insight about the market. Our Macro study include analysis of country situation in Political, Economic, Social, Technical, Legal and Environmental aspects and Business study cover market size, segmentation, trends, profitability, competitors,…

  • Country wise study (PESTLE)
  • Business survey


  • Export reinforcement

Successful entrance in a market specially capital projects in emerging markets depends on three major elements; providing special capability for exporting more than project essential requirements, smart participation in tenders and local networks. We investigate export capabilities and conduct dedicated road map for each client. In addition based on the contract we assess nominated tenders to provide best proposal relying on our expertise and local network.

  • Reinforce export capabilities
  • Tenders analysis and proposal consultancy
  • Network establishment
  • Project execution facilities
  1. According to the contract conditions and form of cooperation we can deliver local project management services included company registration, providing local partners, local staff, project control … in target markets.
    • Company establishment
    • Project facilitating
    • Local project control
    • Local project management
    • Local managing of contract



  • Branding and advertisement
  1. We will design effective campaigns to introduce nominated companies to relevant and potential clients in target market. In capital project scale marketing, branding and advertisement should suppose differently. It is our competency.
    • Recognizing right to the point audiences
    • Consultancy on advertisement media
    • Managing of marketing visit to the target market