Import Consultancy toward Iran

Whom we can support

  • Fields of activity

Iran market as an emerging market has brilliant situation to absorb new technologies which are supported by provable brand and references. Now a day, in the start of renewing growth atmosphere we face with a golden time to entrance. The area of our attention is support of international technologic productions and services in marketing activities toward Iran. 

  • Potential clients
    • Industrial equipment and material producer
    • Advanced engineering companies
    • Local agents in Iran


How we can support


  • Marketing study

According to the typology of the production or material, our client's capability and requirements and our cooperation form we define marketing study method, process and expected objectives. We will use widespread international methods which are armed by special condition of the country. Our vast network and marketing experts. Our services can include a composition of below items not limited.


  • Market analysis
    • Product & brand
    • Relevant macro & micro environment
    • Barriers to Entry
    • Regulations
  • Marketing strategy
    • Objectives
    • Segmentation
    • Target (heart of target)
    • Positioning
    • Sources of volume
  • Marketing mix
    • Product policy
    • Price policy
    • Distribution policy
    • Communication policy
    • Strategic Alliances 
  • Marketing campaigning
  1. According to the typology of the production or material, our client's capability and requirements, client of product typology, our cooperation form, marketing campaign will design and perform.


  • First launch facilitating
  1. In some cases we can facilitate first lunch of a new product in the market according to the pre-agreed objective with our clients.


  • Act as local agent
  1. Seller agency can be a form of cooperation for long term contribution with a brand according to common terms of commerce.